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Dr. Shala White Flowers

Associate Pastor

Inspired Vision Church

Shala White Flowers is a fresh prophetic voice of this generation. Her focus is to equip and empower the people of God to live out their purpose. She is an associate pastor at Inspired Vision Church in Dallas, Texas where she ministers, prays, trains prayer teams, teaches women, sings and shares prophetic word.
Shala is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Principal, Certified Christian Life Coach and Educational Trainer. She is currently attending the University of Texas at Tyler pursuing a Texas School Superintendent’s certification and is writing both a prophetic daily devotional and a biographical book for Christian practitioners merging faith and science to guide patient care.

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United States - Mesquite, Texas

Tammy Whitlow

324 Oxford Drive

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United States - Martinsville, VA

Mary Whitman Ortiz

Founder, Relationship Coach

True You Living, LLC

Mary Whitman Ortiz, MA, CLC is an Intimacy Advocate and Relationship Coach. She helps women who struggle with sexual intimacy to value themselves and create healthy emotional connections. Through Inner Healing Prayer Ministry and personalized coaching programs, her clients sense the Father’s great love and know their place as His daughters; beautiful and chosen ones. She leads Women’s Empowerment Retreats and speaks on Healing from Sexual Dysfunction. Together, with her husband, they mentor couples towards authentic and soul-satisfying relationships. Her book, "Bliss in the Bedroom: How to Overcome Obstacles to Create Godly Sexual Intimacy" will be released in 2017.

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United States - Jacksonville, FL

Monica Wilhite

Wind Walker Ministries

I am currently living in Kerrville, Texas where I minister in Inner Healing and Deliverance through the Healing Rooms connected to my church, Impact Christian Fellowship.

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United States - Kerrville, Texas

Sarah Williams


CityLight Church

My husband and I planted a church three years ago in Toledo, OH. I pastor alongside him. I have also started a sozo ministry in our area. We are asking God to see the salvation of an entire city.

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United States - Toledo, OH

Jennipher Williams

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United States - Phoenix, AZ

Anita Willis


For His Glory Global Ministries

For His Glory Global Ministry, Christian Non-Denomination

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United States - San Diego, California

Dorothy Wilson

Pastor Wife

Dorothy Olivia Wilson

Along with being the wife of a pastor, .I am The Founder and President of Woman To Woman Retreat for over 16 years, where I minister to hurting and broken women. We visit the jail, nursing homes, and we.take it to the streets, sharing the love of Jesus I am the Youth President and youth Sunday school teacher. My passion is to impact lives for Jesus!

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Georgia - Cairo, Ga

Claudia Wilson

Founder and President

Healing 2 The Nations International

The Lord took a small, broken girl from Austria who did not know what love and joy was and healed and transformed her to send her to Mali where they do not know love or joy. In 2003 she went to this Muslim, unreached nation that is among the poorest of the world, with nothing but a big God and a big vision. Today she sees this vision become more and more reality. Claudia also has a passion to see every Christian walk in the fullness of what God has for them and travels internationally to release fresh passion and intimacy with Jesus in the Western church, as well as healing and restoration and fresh hope. She has authored the book "You Can Change The World - Key To Stepping Into Your Destiny" to help believers fulfill their divine calling.

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Mali - Bamako, Bamako

Teresa Wilson


Abundant Life Group/Teresa B Wilson Coaching

As an author, international speaker, financial expert, successful entrepreneur, and pastor, Teresa's mission is to help Christian people become financially free or to help them create successful businesses using Biblical principles and their God-given talents and abilities.

As a business and personal finance coach along with being the founder of Abundant Life Group, Teresa has helped families and individuals come out of poverty and realize their dreams of successful business ownership based on the principles of living in the Kingdom of God.

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United States - ERWIN, NC

Maria Wingard

I love to help people become financially and spiritually free with strong interpersonal relationships. I love to help people become balanced in all they do. I have a passion for good nutrition, not to diet, but healthy balanced living. I love to teach people how to become more reliant on God's supply and wisdom for taking care of their families. I have a passion for and want to become involved politically and being a part of the solution. We need to be informed on current issues and hear the Lord as to what direction he is going in, not burying our head in the sand.

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United States - Chardon, OH

joan winn


HOPE International

At my local church and with two ministries I partner with I do Altar Ministry and Intercession. I also do pro bono counseling and pastoral care.

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Jasmine Wisecup

Partner Relations, Lifestyle Christianity

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United States - Fort Worth, TX

Natalie Wolfe

ABC Blessing Book and Accidental Agreements
Commercial Real Estate Developer/Broker

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- Kansas City, MO and Dallas, Texas,

Mindee Woodward

Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Revolutionist

Discovering Significance

I am a motivational and encouraging speaker, called by God to reignite the passions of the church for Kingdom purposes. I am a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach educated in leadership and development of Kingdom principles in the world. My passion is for the church that is stuck in legalism, and my passion is to help people move into their truest identity in Christ whatever that may look like because God is doing something different in this hour that will be different than anything we have ever seen before. I have a great passion to love on those that cannot see that love is given not earned. I have been called to launch people into their callings for such a time as this. I travel to speak to churches, businesses, seminars, and many other types of groups to encourage and motivate people to stop just living and THRIVE in life.

United States - Amarillo, TX

Moira Wristen

Physician interested inmission trips, healing, worship and giving
Love to pray for my patients

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United States - Tucson, Arizona

Barbara J. Yoder

Apostolic Leader

Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center

I apostolically oversee a regional apostolic center, an apostolic network (Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network), author, speaker nationally and internationally. My passion is to see revival break out in the church which will drive an awakening nationally and internationally with the ultimate result being reformation in the 7 mountains of society. I advise a few ministries which are comprised of young revivalists; am a part of Peter Wagner's apostolic network (EVAT), a state apostle working towards Michigan's transformation. Ambassador at large for ICAL.

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United States - Ann Arbor, MI

Hope Yoloye

Senior Pastor/ Projects Manager

Living Way Ministries

Befriending to provide support, counsel, training and an advocacy as and when needed. Itinerant ministry to people in areas of deprivation.

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United Kingdom - London, England


Elizabeth Zacharias

Elizabeth Zacharias is a passionate follower of God, who seeks to see people draw closer to Him in an intimate relationship and grow in their faith and discipleship. She is an author of a nonfiction Inspirational book entitled Created to Rest: Entering the Lord's Rest Amidst Life's Journey. She recently acquired her Christian Life Coach certification and is wanting to empower Christian women to grow in their faith and fully move into the purposes of God for their life. She is married to Dan Zacharias, has two young adult daughters, and lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

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United States - Grandview, MO

Tina Zahn

One to one discipleship and have facilitated a local MOPS kgroup.

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United States - Green Bay, WI

Beatriz Zaldana

Intercesessor Team Director, Prayer Ministry Pastor

Iglesia Cristiana Adonai (Adonai Christian Church).

I am involved in a bilingual ministry in Reseda, CA. I serve as the prayer ministry pastor and trainer. God has called me to full time ministry as an intercessor. God has given me the opportunity to train and lead groups of intercessors in development and growth within the ministry. I also serve a mentor and coach to singles and young people. My main focus is equipping and mentoring in the area of prayer. Seeing people become who God has called them to be, using prayer as their main avenue is my mission. God has also given me a strong ability to see His plans and strategies for the prayer ministry via dreams and visions. Mostly dreams. So dreams is a strong gift God has deposited in my life for hearing from Him.

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United States - Reseda, CA

Maryam Ziadat

C.E.O / founder

Maryam Ziadat Ministries

Born in Amman, Jordan into a devout Catholic family, Maryam Ziadat passionately loved the Church from the time she was a young child. However, her heart hungered for something more, a hunger that was almost-but not quite-satisfied when she made Jesus Christ her personal Lord and Savior. When she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, her Life and that of her entire family was dramatically impacted. Maryam was a published author and noted speaker in the Middle East when the baptism of the Holy Spirit changed her Life. Her first book has met with great success but the manuscript for her second one went into the trash because Maryam had found her true calling and a higher purpose in Life in her Lord Jesus Christ. An ordained minister, anointed apostolic prophet and an Author, Maryam helped plant churches in the Middle East and continued as a church planter here. She has ministered and preached in churches both here and abroad, and posts prophetic messages online, on her Facebook page, and other internet venues. Her passion through her teaching and prophetic seminars is to see the Bride reaches her full potential in alignment with her Father as each season unfolds and to see the Church genuinely understand and enjoy the identity and freedom she has in the Lord, Jesus Christ. An author of two books " Encountering the Living God. Stories of the supernatural" and " Bride of Christ, Get ready. It's a New Era and God's Glory".

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United States - Rapid City, SD

Hope Zins

Hope Zins is an author, speaker, and revivalist who is passionate about helping people recognize and embrace their God-given value. Her message of Christ-centered confidence and hope encourages others to discover the Father’s love and delight in who He uniquely created them to be. By applying God’s promises through His Word and voice, she invites her audience to explore the secret places of His heart and step into the much more He has in store for those who simply ask Him.
Hope incorporates her personal experience of living in abuse and self-harm into her writing. She invites her readers into her own vulnerable and gritty journey of discovering how she stopped living like a victim and started living like a victor. Her unfiltered examples, honest humor, and encouraging message show her audience that while she can relate to their struggle, her suggestions and solutions have come from a place of personal triumph and testimony.
Hope currently resides in Dayton, Ohio, with her husband, Alan, and their little doggy, Nibbles.
Their greatest desire is to reach souls with the message of the love of Jesus and to see the Father’s Kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in Heaven through the manifest power of the Holy Spirit through yielded lives.
To find out more about Hope Zins, visit her at facebook.com/hope.zins, instagram.com/hope.zins, or hopezins.com.

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United States - Dayton, OH

Maria Zirpolo

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. My family has been my ministry for the past 25 years. My marriage has been restored and I am currently standing on the Word of God for the fulfillment of God's promises on behalf of my daughter's and their families. I'm also standing on Gods Word for America and the Nations of this World to align with God's purpose and to see the lost set free from darkness.

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United States - Sound Beach, New York

Christina Zorich

Teach Acting, Actress, Directing and Producing.

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United States - Los Angelas, CA