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Deborah Kadì

Alghero (Sardinia, Italy)

Ministero Uomo di Pace

Ministero Uomo di Pace, un ministero dedicato all'edificazione del corpo di Cristo attraverso la conoscenza delle sacre scritture per mezzo della rivelazione, mediante la guarigione dell'anima insieme alla liberazione e mediante l'evangelizzazione.

Ministero Uomo di Pace, a ministry dedicated to the edifying of the body of Christ through the knowledge of the Holy Scripture through revelation, through the healing of the soul together with deliverance and through evangelization.

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Shelly Kalenius

I work for a non-profit organization and a media company, where we touch people throughout the world.

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United States - Olympia, WA

Yu-Ching Kao

I am establishing the family prayer altar, and claiming my family (Buddhist and Dao) for Jesus. With His help, we are seeing breakthrough in my family . The relationships among family members also are shifting day by day. Even if the progress is slow, we know the Lord is constantly at work and fighting for us.
At workplace, I am an English teacher, mainly in some private language cram schools and also online. I enjoy teaching and implement Kingdom principles in my class.
In the church, I have been an acoustic guitarist for more than 3 years for the Saturday morning prayer gatherings and Sunday services. I will say my role in the church is more like a culture transformer as Asian churches still have a long way to go for respecting, cherishing, empowering, and honoring women, and for empowering and loving the next generations. I am constantly praying for my country and the churches to grow more in this area and in the gifts of the Spirit.

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Taiwan - New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Olivia Kay

Speaker, Coach, Owner and Founder

Building Christian Roots

Building Christian Roots, Identity Coach
John Maxwell Certified Leader
Christian Speaker and Author

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United States - Bruce Twp., mi

Gloria Kelsey

Gloria Kelsey is an ordained minister, workshop speaker, author, pastoral counselor, and spiritual mentor. God has used her to touch the lives of men and women through her life's story and message.

Gloria founded Revival Fires Ministries and facilitated international city-wide prayer gatherings, ministered in hospital chapel services, university and colleges, and has spoken in churches and para-church organizations in Eastern and Western Canada.

Gloria has worked as a volunteer with Prison Fellowship of Canada, Eagles Wings Ministries, and has served as associate/prayer pastor and ministered on the ministry team at various crusades and tent meetings.
Gloria operates in the gifts of healing, deliverance and the prophetic and has a mandate to see the spiritual and physical captives set free, healed and liberated in Christ.

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Rhonda Kennelly

I'm currently in the marketplace, working with broken people in healthcare - but my heart is for those broken not only in body, but in soul and spirit. I love to help set all those pieces back in place.

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Canada - Bolton, Ontario

Lisa Kessler-Peters


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United States - Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

Patricia King


Patricia King Ministries

Patricia King Ministries/XP Ministries is a global apostolic, prophetic equipping ministry with a media and missions focus.

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Rhonda Kingman


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United States - Sierra Vista, Arizona

Carrie Kinlaw

Intercessory Prayer Warrior for New Life Fellowship.
Host of "Light on the Hill with Carrie K." on KCGS radio in Leslie, Arkansas.
I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has blessed me with many platforms. First and foremost is my home. I have been homeschooling for almost 4 years and what a difference that has made in my children and our home. I have ministered in drug rehab facilities. I, myself, was a drug addict from the age of 14 to 32 and through the Amazing Grace of Jesus Christ, I have been redeemed. What He has done for me, He will do for all. I teach at Church. I am a part of our amazing Children's Church Ministry. I also part of a homeschooling coop that my children attend and I am a teacher at the coop. I have recently been blessed with two new platforms, writing and radio. I live to serve.

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United States - Marshall, AR

Celia Klaver


Bethlehem House of Prayer/XP Ministries

Celia Klaver is a Global Intercessory Prayer Leader ministering the Love of the Father and speaking Prophetic Truths that encourages and builds the Body of Christ.

Celia has served as Patricia King’s Personal Intercessor for above fifteen years and has been active as a staff member, leading intercessory prayer teams for conferences and schools locally and globally and overseeing an email prayer team praying over email prayer requests. In the last six years, Celia has served full time as Overseer and Prayer Leader for XP Ministries.

I find it quite a rewarding job to serve the Lord and Love His people back to life. To Love, to honor, to esteem one another is what I would like to see everywhere I go.

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Canada - Kelowna, BC

Pamla Klenczar

I work as a professional artist and operate a vacation cabin rental. For several years I have been an administrator of a facebook group of several thousand members where I interpret dreams and minister to people all over the world about what the Lord is saying to them thru their dreams. Currently I am writing a book about dream interpretation and how the Lord uses dreams to heal. I am also writing an Adult coloring book based on my pen & ink drawings and scripture for colored pencil and making demo videos for colored pencil. I have plans to buy houses that seniors can live in and take in women and children that are homeless thru no fault of their own and minister to them so that they can get back on their feet in a place of safety.

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United States - Jasper, AZ

Harmony Klingenmeyer

Harmony M. Klingenmeyer is wife to Scott and mother to three sons. She is the author of “Hear Their Voices: A Portrait of an American Foster Family”. Harmony holds her Masters of Education and her pastoral license through Grace, International. Harmony and her husband Scott have parented 16 children out of the foster care system. She is the director of the Teaching Team at Garden Valley Church, and is well known for her powerful teaching mantel and accurate prophetic gifting.

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United States - Roseburg, Oregon

Nancy Knopp


Esthers Arise

Nancy is founder and Director of Esthers Arise. She is currently called to empower women to rise up and overcome in this hour and prepare the bride for the return of Jesus. She gathers women for intercessory worship gatherings in the North Carolina and Virginia Region.

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United States - Garner, NC

Carol Koch


Children on the Frontlines

Carol Koch, is the founder and director for Children on the Frontlines. She co-pastors Christ Triumphant Church in Lee's Summit, Missouri, with her husband Alan, with whom she has been in ministry for over 30 years. Carol is dedicated to training up children, the next generation of leaders, and equipping others to lead and minister to them now. Carol frequently conducts "Schools of Prayer for Kids" and leadership training to Children's leaders. She also is a conference speaker at women's events and is the author of "Teaching Children to Pray" and more training manuals.

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United States - Lee's Summit, MO

Oyin Kokoricha

Experience the Kingdom!

Experience the Kingdom was birthed out of love - love for Our King and for one another. We are driven by tenacious love and passion, to see God’s Kingdom demonstrated and established on earth (Matthew 6:10) through the power and authority of His word and His Spirit made manifest. Our vision is to see nations experience the LOVE of our Heavenly Father and a tangible manifestation of His Kingdom (His Presence and His Power) - forever transforming lives and regions for God's glory.

United States - Dallas, TEXAS

Dana Koppler

I'm in marketplace ministry. I'm also building an online business and I have an online radio station rolling around in me.

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United States - Loveland, CO

Lois Koss


Tree of Life MInistries Internatioanl

Lois has a testimony of being marvelously healed of epilepsy which changed her life. She is a leader who desires to see others, healed, delivered and set free to come into their destiny. She mentors and equips people, empowering them to come forth into their God given calling. She teaches and ministers at retreats, seminars and conferences on a variety of topics.
Lois has completed the Course from Elijah House Counseling School for Restoration of the Inner Man and has had five years experience training witnessing teams using the Evangelism Explosion materials written by Dr. James Kennedy. She attended Peter Horribin’s school on “Healing Through Deliverance.” Lois is an ordained minister under Independent Assemblies of God.
She has traveled to many nations on short term mission trip and is called to the nations.

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United States - 4105 W. Crestwood Dr., Illinois

Sheryl Kraft

Leader of Healing Prophetic Worship, Intercession, Mentor/Teacher, Encourager, Revivalist, Reformationist!

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United States - Bartlesville, OK

Donna Krueger

Author, Speaker, organizes retreats and events, working especially with Seniors.

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United States - Casa Grande, Az

Cindy Kulp

Heartland Prophetic

May 2020, my life significantly changed when the Lord came to me in a dream. This changed not only me but my family from lukewarm Christians to a family on fire for the Lord. I asked Him to give me a hunger to read His Word, He was faithful. I was then baptized in the Holy Spirit on my country porch while reading Ephesians 2. God is so good!! One of the first verses God gave me to memorize is Ephesians 5:18, "And don’t get drunk with wine, which is rebellion; instead be filled continually with the Holy Spirit." I pursue God's heart earnestly, yield my life to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and have a desire to share the prophetic words He shares with me.

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United States - LEONARDVILLE, KS

Preethy Kurian

Senior Pastor

Capstone Church

Together with my husband, Rakesh, I pastor Capstone Church, a vibrant family of believers in London. We also run The Revival Life School of Ministry in London. I am an Engineer by qualification and am a director of a FinTech Company.
With nearly 20 years in joyful service to the Lord, I minister internationally at various conferences and missions. I believe I am tuned into the Spirit of the Lord and the Word of God, with a deep understanding of entering into the presence of the Lord. I focus on impartation and training, to see identity realized, hearts ablaze, spirits revived and lives surrendered to God, walking in complete victory and joy!

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United Kingdom - London,