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Lyn Packer


Rob and Lyn Packer Ministries

We teach, train and encourage the Church to release the love and power of God in their churches, communities, nations, internationally and in their individual spheres of influence. As part of our ministry we also facilitate the New Zealand Prophetic Network and Together Network

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New Zealand - , Christchurch

Vita Panico

Vita Panico is a passionate lover of Jesus whose purpose is to help others discover their God-given purpose. She loves to study and teach the word and thrives when she sees others become ignited by the pursuit of destiny in their lives. It is so easy to get stuck in cycles and routines in our daily lives and become stagnant in our walk with the Lord or lose sight of pursuing our dreams. Yet the only way to truly honour God and to live the abundant life He promises, is to passionately pursue the purpose we were sent here to accomplish.

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Canada - Toronto, ON

Maria Passwaters


Ambassadors of Love, Inc.

As ambassadors of love through Our Lord Jesus Christ we have been
commissioned to tangibly demonstrate His love in ways that set the captive free.
It is our hearts desire to see people's lives changed and transformed by the grace
and unconditional love of Our Heavenly Father.
We will unite with ministries worldwide to feed the poor, help the orphans,
widows and those who are in need. Furthermore, we will be networking with
teams of ministers helping to bring clean water, food, housing and meeting the
primary needs of survival. Also, our foundation will be teaching biblical principles
to break the cycle of poverty and restore hope and vision. Our desire is to leave a
legacy of healing and restoration to the wounded and needy. This will carry
forward from generation to generation and help establish justice, liberty and
freedom throughout the world.
In addition, our hearts are to minister to ministers who are in need of refreshing
and encouragement through retreat centers. We will provide an environment of
healing and strengthening those who give all of themselves to benefit others
unselfishly.  We are also called to bring healing and strengthening to marriages
and families providing counseling, resources and retreat centers to nurture
relationships and rebuild the family structure on a solid foundation.


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United States - Travelers Rest, SC

Janice Patterson

Janice co-pastors Forge Church, a home church community meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about leaving each generation higher and better in terms of godly wisdom, love and obedience to the Lord. She is committed to working toward re-forming education by establishing excellent local Christian schools funded through the investment of spiritual mothers and fathers, resulting in Christians coming to lead in education in the nation.

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United States - Montara, CA

Linda Paulson

I am a prayer warrior and I love to serve wherever I can. I love the Lord and love to share that love with others!

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United States - Saint Peter, Minnesota

Stella Payton


Better Life

I am a believing believer who endeavors to live the gospel every day. As a business woman with fairly strong knowledge or real estate, I earn much of my living renting and managing properties. I have been a corporate trainer for over 30 years now with a long list of clients over the years.

I do speak at conferences and events. I have authored nearly a dozen books now. Some I have published. Most I have not. Much of my current ministry is mentoring young women one on one.

I am also a recent grad of XP Ministries internship Program as of 2015.

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United States - Hattiesburg, MS

Melissa Pearce


Enduring Hope Ministries

God has called me to equip people with the Word of God so they understand the Father's love and who they are in Him. Too many in the body of Christ do not perceive the love of the Father and therefore are not walking in the fullness He has for them. So I take this passion and desire God has given to me and I teach/speak at various conferences.
Through my ministry, we produces an online magazine, called Point of Hope. it is an online publication to address real life issues with people. Our focus is to speak truth in love, give hope and reinforce each are loved. It is been viewed nationally and internationally. We also conduct various outreach events for women to attend twice a month. Our focus is to obtain Christ like attitudes and servant-hood.

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United States - Hannastown, PA

LeAnn Pearson-Marrale

Consultant | Strategist | Coach

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United States - Pearisburg, VA

Jessica Peckham

I have a passion to see believers walking in the fullness of who they are called to be. That fullness should start with desiring to be free and I am currently on a personal journey of seeking personal freedom so that I can fully walk in all He has called me to walk in NOW! I have a heart to met the cry of the Millennial generation that knows they have issues and wants to deal with them but world can't touch the issues and the Church often doesn't have the skill or the willingness to touch some of the issues. I want to see a generation free in their 20s and 30s so they can change the world. Inter-generational partnership is key to this process and I desire to bring together those that are wise, loving mothers and fathers that have so much to offer to bring healing and restoration and launch this younger generation. I am tired of hearing about "passing the baton" lets finish the race together. When we can begin to work together I believe we will begin to see community transformation that will catch the eye of the nation and world.

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United States - Templeton, Ca

Kim Penny

Kim is the Managing Real Estate Broker for Sotheby’s International Realty located in Durango, CO. She has been married for 20 years and has twin 9 year old daughters. She published her first book, Mountain View, in 2017 and started a public speaking ministry in 2018 geared towards middle and high school public schools.


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United States - Durango, Colorado

Wendy Peter


Harvest Family Church Winnipeg

I am an ordained minister. I was ordained as a prophet and teacher, however I use the title Prophetic Pastor to describe my roll in our church. I am on staff and part of the apostolic team that leads are church. I am also the president of Always Hopeful Ministries. A women's ministry that includes women from all denominational backgrounds. I recently completed a video series: Looking beyond the Mirror, a 16 week study based out of 2 Corinthians 3:17-18, which takes women on a journey away from the image in the mirror and into both finding and keeping a God given sense of identity and confidence. I was invited by Catch the Fire /John Arnott to release Looking Beyond the Mirror last September at their conference and since then, part of my time is spent working on that aspect of my ministry.

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Canada - Winnipeg, MB

Janis Peters


Peters Ministries

Janis is presently prayer director for Joan Hunter Ministries and residing in Tomball, Texas. She is evangelistic , ministers prophetically and loves to bring Heaven to Earth. She moves in signs, wonders and miracles and is stepping into a new season of ministry. Janis has a non profit organization named Peters Ministries and is available to have ministry engagements.
Compassionate ministry has led her into a marketplace ministry concerning the care of the elderly. Her clients, families and associates have been blessed under her covering. Currently she is opening a new business in Tomball, Texas, Divine Care Connections. It is a ministry dear to the heart of God.

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United States - Tomball, Texas

Marcie Phelps


Nursing Home Ministry

I love preaching and teaching from God’s Word, encouraging Believers to receive everything that God says belongs to us because of Jesus!
I am a radical lover of Jesus, a mom, a coach, author and an intercessor who loves to dive deep into the Word and apply it to every circumstance. Thanks be to God Who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus!
I am the author of Generous Kids: How to Raise Financially Responsible Children and Open the Storehouses of Heaven (subtitle)!
I live in Upstate NY where I lead a Nursing Home Ministry—loving and impacting a very special generation for the Kingdom of God.
I am the WIMN Group Leader for New York State and enjoy connecting with ladies in this group.

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United States - Binghamton, NY

Arlene Poirier

Family Ministry Kissing the Face of God
Helping families and single parents with young children in need.

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Canada - Pointe-Calumet, Québec

Paulette Polo


Paulette Polo Ministries /Mantle of Power

Mantle of Power is a Fire-Starter for the Kingdom that challenges and changes the lives of those it touches by God’s Glory! Two of the greatest emphases of Mantle of Power Ministries are the importance of a steadfast Faith and a can do attitude, resulting from the written word and the necessity of being led by the Spirit. Strong Faith, Strong Foundation, Strong Future!

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United States - Iselin, NJ

Cindy Powell

I am an intercessor, author, and speaker and my greatest passion is to help others connect to God's heart in a deeper way. I have had the privilege of leading prayer teams--both locally and internationally--and various prayer ministries for over twenty years. I blog regularly and have written a few devotional type books and always have another book or two in the works.

After having worked for various ministries and nonprofits as a human resource professional, I released a book on HR specifically designed to help churches and ministries achieve excellence in their human resource practices without sacrificing their mission (the book is called HR Matters). I am in the process of transitioning out of HR as my primary vocation, and currently I am the editor of Voice of Justice, an online magazine that not only raises awareness about human trafficking and other related justice issues, but also seeks to empower and inspire readers to make a difference.

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United States - Redlands, CA

Ulyssa Preciado

To love women through movement.

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United States - Paradise valley, Arizona

Wendy Preciado Espinosa

Prayer Warrior, Intercessor, Evangelist, Lover of Jesus with a passion to see people set free!

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United States - Blue Springs, MO