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Patti Fagan

Patti Fagan is an award-winning master financial coach, certified life coach, retirement planner, writer, and speaker. She also holds a Certificate of Completion from the Healing School with Joan Hunter Ministries. She serves at her church on the Care Team and as an After-Service Prayer Partner.

After eleven years of working as a retirement planner with hundreds of women, school teachers, and their families to create a big-picture plan for their money and secure retirement, God has called her to a healing and deliverance ministry to help set the captives free.

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United States - Monterey, CA

Astrid Feddes


Destined to Reign

For many years I have been involved in healing and deliverance ministry. I am co-founder of Credo Ministries, a foundation that takes care of homeless youth. Furthermore, I am involved in leading campaigns to spread the gospel in Asia (Gospel Music Festivals). Over the past years I have passionately led the Vrij Zijn women conferences, and feel privelaged to be a regular speaker at national and international conferences. Since November 2015 I have founded Destined to Reign women's ministry to inspire and motivate women to become true followers of Jesus Christ and to live to the full potential that God calls them for. My dream and prayer is that every woman realizes that she is unique and valuable and that every woman will take up her royal commission to impact the world around her and bring transformation.

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Netherlands - Maastricht, Limburg

Jodi Ferguson

Co-Founder / Co-Director

Warriors Heart Ministry

Warriors Heart Ministry is an equipping and restoring ministry located in Central California. We are a place where fires are ignited, hungry people gather, and where the Body of Christ can come to be refreshed and receive prayer and encouragement. Open arms, a place of refuge, everyone is welcome!

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United States - Clovis, CA

Lindsey Flanagan

Children's Pastor


I am a Mother of many, who's passionate about my union with Christ and raising up the next generation to know and love God, and to impact the world's injustices with His love and power. I am currently the Children's Pastor at Expression58 in Glendale, California.

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United States - South Pasadena, CA

Danielle Flanagan


Sparkling Brooks Ministries, Inc.

Sparkling Brooks Ministries, Inc. is a place flowing with the love and hope of Jesus. We are passionate about Restoring Hearts and Releasing Destinies through Presence Ministry and Kingdom Training. We invite you to join us at one of our events or request us to speak, teach or preach in your area. For those in the central Illinois area, we welcome you to contact us for a personal prayer appointment for Spirit-led physical healing, a personal prophetic word, freedom prayer or inner healing.

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United States - Peoria, IL

Dr. Clarice Fluitt


Clarice Fluitt Ministries

Dr. Clarice Fluitt is an internationally recognized Christian leader, accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur with a history in real estate development. Dr. Fluitt has a distinguished world-wide reputation as a Christian mentor and marketplace apostle. She is also a much sought-after Transformational Life Coach, Personal Advisor, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Dr. Clarice Fluitt has established churches and mentoring schools both nationally and internationally. Dr. Fluitt is a time proven prophetess with laser like accuracy. Reports of amazing miracles and healings with positive life changing evidence continually follow her ministry.

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United States - Monroe, LA

Lisa Folks


Rapha House Ministries

A Pastor's daughter, becomes a Pastor's wife. I have been in ministry most of my life and love it. My passion is in music and working with children to encourage them to grow with God - fulfilling their maximum potential and purpose. My husband and I have three beautiful daughters and eight grandchildren who are my world.

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United States - Port Richey, FL

Audrey Frable

Audrey Frable is married to her husband of 16 years and they together have four children. Audrey has a passion to see people encounter the love of the Father and release her prophetic voice thru preaching, teaching, and building up the body of Christ. Audrey has built and directed Compassion and Women’s Ministry teams and has also led marriage small groups, outreaches, ministering to other churches, and is currently building a marriage ministry with her husband Curtis. She finds her greatest rewards are in being a wife and a mother but she also enjoys selling real estate, traveling, and ministering to the local church.

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United States - Roseburg, OR

Gail Frank

President & Fundraising Director

Vision for Asia

I'm part of a ministry in India called Vision for Asia. This mission is involved in planting churches, caring for orphans and orphan children with HIV/AIDS, teaching widowed mothers with HIV to sew and support themselves, and teaching the gospel in a highly Hindu/Muslim area of South East India. I raise funds for the ministry and I also go to India and teach God's Word to small remote villages. I also teach and preach at pastors' and women's conferences.

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United States - Springfield, IL

Kay Franklin

Currently, I am a part of the intercessory prayer team at Patrica King Ministries. I get the chance to regularly pray of Patricia King Ministries, XP Shiloh, and WIMN. Because I am praying over services and events with others on the team, the events are successful and the attendees are blessed.

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United States - Maricopa, AZ

Christy Franklin

Love Global Ministries believes God’s Love is the answer for the Earth. God is Love and Love never fails. (John 3:16, 1 John 4:8, 1 Cor 13:8)

Our Mission is to reconcile the world to God the Father, through the Word of God and experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ. (2 Cor 5:20)

We are committed to bringing heaven to earth; by demonstrating God’s Love, Power and Authority that will transform the people of the world into active citizens for the Kingdom of Heaven. (Matt 10:7-8)

Our Ministry seeks to equip, mentor and empower believers to the reality of their identity. Teaching them to walk in the same works Jesus did and even greater. (Eph 4:11-12, John 14:12)

We are convinced, through the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us, God’s Love will continually manifest in our lives, actions and deeds. (Acts 1:8)

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United States - San Antonio, TX

Andrea Fraser

Andrea Fraser is the creator of Absolute Training Centre Inc. which elevates, equips and immerses people in the truth of who they are. She is passionate about awakening and strengthening people to reach their true potential, which will involve unlocking and releasing the treasure box that is inside of them! She teaches as an inspirational speaker, and author to live from a place of authenticity, and to become fully alive in who they are. Andrea is a daughter, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur with over 22 years in the health and well-being industry, and is on fire with teaching the connection between health and wealth, and it's impact on family and all of life.

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Canada - Edmonton, Alberta

Dawn Frawley

Healing and Deliverance Ministry

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United States - Costa Mesa, CA