Maintain Your Ordination

To maintain your ordination, the following criteria must be met.

Annual $50 fee for updated Ordination card

Each year, complete the stated requirement.
2021’s requirement is a report to update WIMN leadership on what has been happening in your ministry.

WIMN membership must be kept in good standing.

Continue to live upholding WIMN Values and Beliefs.

Deadline to submit ministry report to maintain ordination is June 30, 2021

Please email your ministry report to the WIMN Director.

Please include in your report:

– How you are doing

– What you hear the Lord saying

– Share what God is doing through you in your ministry

– Any new vision

– Any area you need support

– In your email subject line, please write: Ministry Report

Please submit your ministry repoort to maintain your ordination before submitting your fee for card renewal.