As I started out this month, I felt great expectation, excitement and even curiosity about all that God held for this special time. A few weeks ago I felt the Holy Spirit saying that July was going to be a time of surprises! That word began to fill me with joy. The closer it got to Jul, He started to give me a few more details. He said that July was the seventh month and that it represented a time of perfection and completion. It is well known that God uses the number seven all throughout His Word, so when He told me this, I needed no confirmation. After this I heard the Spirit say, “You will fly in July,” and I saw a butterfly dancing in the sky. It was a beautiful vision, an exquisite portrayal of His Bride. I believe her time as a caterpillar has expired and her wings are ready! Along with this new life she is being given, comes a freedom of discovery and curiosity that the Lord is inviting her into. When it comes to all things in God, there is no “arrival” point. There is always more to be discovered, endless layers of treasure to be uncovered and revelations to be unfolded. He wants us to come to Him like a child with a sense of adventure and expectation of a victory prize. Let us stay strong in faith and reach out for Christ who has so wondrously reached out for us. Keep your eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. We are off and running and we’re not turning back (see Philippians 3:12 MSG).

In this last month, one concept that the Lord has been really impressed on me is that it is impossible to live without hope. The scripture that says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick…” is quite literal – when you stop hoping, it makes your heart sick! It is not disappointments that lead to death; it is a loss of hope. Despondency is a spirit that I have actually had to be delivered from. One night in prayer, I asked God what was wrong with me, why I felt such a fog around my head and so depressed? I clearly heard Him say, “It’s a despondent spirit,” and I saw what looked like a black shroud over my head. I knew this was God because I had no idea what the word “despondent” meant. Then the revelation came! Despondent means hopeless, dejected, and despair. Immediately, I knew that I had allowed myself to spiral down into this black hole and that I needed to repent, wash in the blood of Jesus and get my soul healed. Thank you Jesus for Your love that speaks to us, guides us, and teaches us all truth.

I’ve learned that if you have any thoughts that don’t lead to hope, they are rooted in a lie. All truth leads to life and hope! If we can catch just a glimpse of hope with our eyes of faith, even if it’s caught from seeing others get rescued, we have that vision ever before us of our salvation, of redemption and deliverance. Those blessed occurrences give us strength, courage, perseverance and endurance to keep going and not give up because we know that we know that we know we will be saved. Maybe not today, maybe not in a week, maybe not in a year but the Answer will come!

One of the most special gifts that God has given me and uses to speak to me is music and song writing, so when I first heard this song, it became my anthem song and now every time I hear it I see the vision of the dancing butterfly… Victoriously over all disappointments”